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Sozialfonds für Osnabrücker Studierende e.V.

Help for students of the two Osnabrück universities in acute emergencies - quickly and without bureaucracy

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What we do:

Helping students who are in need through no fault of their own, who have to abandon their studies and leave Germany in an emergency - this is what the "Social Fund for Osnabrück Students" association is all

Central university and college facilities, as well as faculty, often receive calls for help from students who are experiencing hardship due to illness, job loss, or deterioration of parents' financial situations.

Then suddenly the financial basis for the tuition fees, for rent, for food or medical care is missing, there is a threat of dropping out of studies and possibly returning to the home country without the planned degree.

Often it is only small one-time amounts of €500 or €600 that can prevent a student from dropping out!

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Two typical examples

Example 1:

A German student does not receive Bafög and earns the costs for his studies and his living through part-time jobs. Due to an accident, he cannot work for several months and the sick pay is so low that he cannot live on it.

Example 2:

An African student breaks her glasses. As a result, she can neither study nor earn money. She doesn't have her family's network in Germany and no German friends who can lend her money. As a non-EU foreigner, German banks won't grant her any loans.

In such emergencies, through no fault of their own, the SOS helps with one-time cash grants and advice on any problems caused by the misfortune. Before any assistance is approved, income and past academic performance are verified. If a payment is approved, it is transferred within the shortest possible time.


Hochschule Osnabrück
Kerstin Frodl
Center for International Students
Albrechtstr. 30
Postfach 19 40
49009 Osnabrück
Tel: 0541 969 3185
E-Mail: gethelp@studentsos.de

Universität Osnabrück
Harald Husemann
FB 07/Anglistik
Neuer Graben 40
49074 Osnabrück
Tel: 0541 969 4258
E-Mail: gethelp@studentsos.de

Katholische Hochschulgemeinde
Natalie Giesen
Lohstr. 42
49074 Osnabrück
Tel: 0175 9189551
E-Mail: gethelp@studentsos.de

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The board of the association

The Sozialfonds für Osnabrücker Studierende e.V. is a non-profit association. It is legally represented by the managing director Malte Paolo Benjamins and the chairwoman Lioba Meyer.

Lioba Meyer


Prof. Dr. Andreas Bertram

Vice Chairman, President of the Hochschule Osnabrück

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Prof. Dr. Martina Blasberg-Kuhnke

Additional member of the Board of Management, Institute for Catholic Theology Universität Osnabrück


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